The Modern Astrolabe - - - - £6.99



Ideal as an introduction to stars, constellations and the motion of the cosmos for casual curious skygazers

Also invaluable for more experienced astronomers who can use it for myriad calculations and appreciate the accuracy of a bespoke portable instrument

This simple to use handheld device is a personal map of the stars


starmap on back tells you name of stars

The perfect introduction to the night sky, pointing out and naming the stars and constellations and accurately telling you their altitude and direction


This 2000 year old device was the world's first scientific instrument. During the middle ages when it first came to Europe, Kings would fight wars to possess one – now you can have one that has been made easy to use, is digitally accurate to your location and hand-crafted out of modern durable weatherproof materials


Using an astrolabe

using an astrolabe

Your personal astrolabe comes with full instructions on how to:

1. Find the name of a star/constellation you can see in the sky

2. Find the best time and direction to see a star/constellation or star of your choice in the sky (e.g your zodiac constellation)

3. Tell the time

4. Track the position of the Sun and sunrise/sunset times

5. Use the astrolabe to find planets and comets

and more..

plus tips for using an astrolabe, a history of the astrolabe and some starmaps


We always have astrolabes in stock for every UK county and state of the US (custom astrolabe can be made for the rest of the northern hemisphere- an extra £5) that are usually projected from an ancient point of historical interest. These astrolabes are accurate for over 500 miles from their projection point and accurate for around 1000 years (future or past)


heres a video that outlines how a modern astrolabe works




starmap on back tells you name of stars

 on the back of the astrolabe is a quick reference starmap that tells you the names of constellations and stars

back of astrolabe

We can’t get across how easy an astrolabe is to use without you being outside at night holding one, but at the top of the page is a picture of what one looks like.

  • You can see it has stars and constellations printed on its main plate plus the Sun is represented there too. The months run round the edge where every day of the year is marked off
  • Overlaying this is a spinning transparent disc that has the time, in 24 hours printed round the edge that once lined up with the months will show star, constellation and Sun positions for any time or day.
  • The disk has North, South, East And West printed on it as well as marks that represent every 15 around the horizon to show which direction to look in to see the relevant heavenly body. It also has altitude lines to pinpoint exactly where a star can be found in the sky
  • The back has an alidade (a simple type of sextant used to measure altitude) and a quick reference map with the names of the constellations and stars on it

It all comes with full instructions, a history of the astrolabe, tips and some starmaps

Happy stargazing!


Here is how the alidade on the back works:




***** we also offer to craft a custom astrolabe projected from your very back garden! based on the longitude and latitude of your house or favourite stargazing location (if you do not know your latitude & longitude we can calculate it based on your address) for maximum accuracy.

The cost for us to tailor a unique and individual astrolabe for your back garden is an extra £5  for the first one only. Delivery of a custom astrolabe may take a little longer to ship out as the build can only begin when we receive your details (delivery of these bespoke astrolabes will be made no more than one month after the order is made) *****

instructions include large starmaps

step by step instructions also include tips and large starmaps

The Astrolabe is so simple to use that children from the age of 7 upwards find them fascinating and easy to use.

Once familiar with it, an adult can soon see that it is a powerful anologue computer capable of thousands of diverse and instantaneous calculations.

It expands with your knowledge of the skies - it is ideal as an introduction  to stars, constellations and the motion of the cosmos. With more experience it can be used for things like finding and plotting the positions of the planets/meteorites. A professional astronomer can use it for a myriad of calculations and always appreciate the accuracy of a bespoke portable field instrument.

Our astrolabes differ from normal planispheres since they show the Sun's position and are much more accurate since it is made for your area and therefore displays your local sky. Our astrolabes are also conveniently made to your time zone whereas mass produced planispheres are nearly always made in UT or GMT and have to  be converted to your local time. Whatever your time zone, the astrolabe will be set to it - unless you ask us otherwise

All Astrolabes are hand-crafted from thick, weatherproof, laminated card and acetate and are approx. 20 cm in diameter.



Standard astrolabes (£6.99) are made for UK counties and US states only

If you are buying one outside the UK or the US it will be considered a custom astrolabe and therefore costs:

£5 to customise plus £6.99 for the astrolabe

(£11.99 in total) for the custom astrolabe,

and then only £6.99 for any extra ones you may want from that location


postage costs: UK 1st class - £1.50 and for INTERNATIONAL - £2.50

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